• The Amazon Tap powered with AI assistant Alexa, which can now be used to ask about SyFy shows, is seen in a handout image.

The Amazon Tap powered with AI assistant Alexa, which can now be used to ask about SyFy shows, is seen in a handout image. (Photo : Reuters)

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) teamed up with the popular SyFy network as they integrate their data with the company's popular artificial intelligence assistant Alexa that can now answer show-related questions for users.

The announcement would make SyFy the first entertainment network to be integrated with Amazon's Alexa. Users with an Alexa-powered device will be able to take advantage of the new capability.

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SyFy tapped into Alexa's technical capabilities in order to give users a new experience with the network. They will be able to ask Alexa regarding SyFy's shows.

For instance, users can ask what will happen in the next Z Nation episode. SyFy said that they will be providing Alexa with information regarding their shows for the following 14 days even before they get aired on the television itself, according to Tech Times.

It is not known whether Alexa will also be able to provide information about past episodes of the shows. Maybe users can ask what happened to a certain character or what happened in episode X.

The Alexa information integration is part of the SyFy Labs innovation and its collaboration with NBCUniversal Media Labs. Users will also be able to experience other exclusives such as behind-the-scenes previews, more episode information, schedules and even some "Easter Eggs."

Amazon Alexa Director told Mashable: " Many of our customers are die-hard science-fiction fans, so we think they're going to love all this great content now available to them. They can find out when their favorite Syfy show is coming on, what happened last week or what's coming up, all in a convenient, simple way using just their voice."

The announcement from SyFy and Amazon comes after the former had expanded their January 2016 deal with MakerBot, who is supposed to provide printable 3D models of characters and props from their roster of shows. Users can now download some of them as more than 20 designs have already been uploaded.

Matthew Chiavell, the senior vice president for SyFy digital, said in a statement: "Whether it's VR, 3D printing or integrating the Internet of Things into viewing experience, Syfy Labs delivers new and innovative ways for fans to experience and interact with the network's programming. Since innovation and imagination are part of Syfy's brand DNA, we're thrilled to join the growing list of skills available on Alexa-enabled devices."

Users will have to have an Alexa-powered device in order to fully enjoy the new SyFy shows feature of Amazon's digital assistant. SyFy could be the first of many channels that would hopefully also team up with AI assistants to bring added experience for users.

SyFy has already made several questions and answers available for some of their shows such as "12 Monkeys," "Sharknado: The 4th Awakens," "Hunters" and "The Expanse." More shows are expected to be supported over time as Alexa becomes updated with information.