• Song Joong-ki Asian Tour

Song Joong-ki Asian Tour (Photo : Blossom Entertainment)

“Descendants of the Sun” actor Song Joong-ki is the most popular actor in China and South Korea not only because of his charm and acting skills. His popularity also stems from his generosity.

For the third time, he announced that he would donate part of his income to charity. In early May, after his fan meet in Bangkok, Thailand, the 30-year-old Hallyu star said he would donate part of the income to an unspecified charity.

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On the same month, Song Joong-ki also said he would donate the appearance fee for his guesting sting in “Hurry Up, Brother,” the Chinese version of “Running Man.” But he also did not specify the amount or the name of the recipient charity organization.

On Thursday, Blossom Entertainment – the actor’s talent manager – said Song Joong-ki would donate part of the profit of his 2016 Asia tour to a foundation for an area affected by the earthquake in Wenchuan, China, reported AllKpop.

On May 12, China marked the 8th anniversary of the magnitude 8 tremor that rocked Wenchuan, a city in Sichuan Province, located on China’s southwest. The temblor was one of the worst in China’s history with 87,000 victims who died or are missing, according to CCTV America. Another 4.8 million people lost their homes due to the earthquake.

Until recently, Song Joong-ki has been donating secretly donating to the Korean Childhood Leukemia Foundation since 2011. In March, the foundation revealed the identity of their generous donor. Because of his donation, more than 10 children with the ailment have received medication. He had also donated about 100 million won to victims of the recent Nepal earthquake through UNICEF.