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Apple Watch (Photo : Apple)

Apple CEO Tim Cook has declared that Apple Watch will change people's lives. He further stated that through a host of personalized apps, the wearable will become as essential as the iPhone.

Cook spoke at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Feb. 10, Tuesday, about a range of topics including Apple's major products, its dedication to the environment and the Apple Watch. During the event, Goldman Sachs COO Gary Cohn asked Cook about what makes the Apple Watch different from other smart watches already in the market.

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Apple's CEO responded that the smart watch industry reminds him very much of the MP3 industry. He goes on to say that although there were many companies who produced MP3s during that time, they were very hard to use and as such weren't memorable nor used very much.

Likewise, Cook states there are many products called smart watches today but none have changed people's lives, MacRumors reported. That is what Apple Watch aims to change.

The main way to do this would be through the use of personalized apps, according to ReCode, which headlines its report saying the apps will make the Apple Watch "as essential as the iPhone." The CEO says he is "super excited" about the third-party apps that are currently in development for the Apple Watch.

Cook further stated consumers would be surprised at the many things the Apple Watch can do. For instance, users can see a sports score at the turn of the wrist.

His favorite Apple Watch function, however, is the one that tracks his activity level. His smart watch will tap him on the wrist to remind him to get up and move.

The Apple Watch has been confirmed to launch in early 2015, with shipments to begin in April. The wearable will be priced starting at $349 for the lower-end version.