• A man plays with the iPhone 6s Plus, not the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 8, at Apple Store

A man plays with the iPhone 6s Plus, not the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 8, at Apple Store (Photo : Getty Images/Cole Bennetts)

More fans are waiting for the iPhone 8 instead of the iPhone 7 and they do have good reasons for anticipating such as the expected OLED display that will be provided by LG.

Rumors of the iPhone 8 featuring an OLED display have been circulating for several months now. It was only after the talks among Apple, LG and Samsung regarding the supply of the panels have surfaced that the speculations started to gain even more traction.

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LG could be one of the OLED display panels for Apple's iPhone 8 to be released in 2018 but they could be delayed as their supply is only expected to be enough by 2017, Gameenguide has learned. The South Korean company is admittedly late in entering the OLED market specially for the mobile devices as some of their flagship smartphones still use LCD panels.

Apple has also filed a patent for a flexible OLED display which means that the iPhone 8's screen could have some similarities with Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge phones. However, the patent itself states that it could also be used in other iOS devices as well such as iPads or even their Apple Watch.

The patent was filed by the Cupertino-based tech giant in January with the title "Flexible Display Panel with Bent Substrate" in January and it could still be the OLED display in iPhone 8, TrustedReviews reported. It was only till recently that the United States Patent and Trademark Office published the patent.

With more than a year before the iPhone 8 is released, it is highly possible that the patent from Apple will still make its way to the new iPhone in 2017. There are also reports claiming that the home button will be taken out as the whole front of the device will become the screen with an embedded Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 is not expected to be revealed until next year's September and the company's reluctance to deny that an OLED panel will make an appearance may mean that it is more than possible. The flexible display panel patent also adds more weight to the OLED panel claims regardless if LG will be supplying them or not.