• Alleged UFO over Shanghai.

Alleged UFO over Shanghai.

The Chinese government has remained silent about the true nature of a massive unidentified flying object (UFO) that allegedly hovered above Shanghai on July 2 and was photographed and frantically talked about on Chinese social media sites.

Reports claimed hundreds of persons saw the huge UFO with multi-colored lights hovering over the city for some 10 hours beginning 8:00 p.m. on July 2. The UFO disappeared by early morning of the next day.

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Some witnesses said it was a starship from another world while others claimed it was a Chinese secret weapon being tested. Still others said the UFO reminded them of the starship from the Hollywood movie, Independence Day.

Some social media posts described the UFO as a red circle thing, hovering far away. Other posts claimed it hovered behind clouds while flashing red and yellow lights for several hours.

Skeptics, however, believe the UFO to be nothing more than an "LED kite" being flown; lightning or a lenticular cloud shaped like a saucer or a plate. They also said that if the UFO were indeed over the city for 10 hours as claimed, the Chinese military or police would have seen it also. Nothing, however, has been heard from the city or central government about this incident.

Chinese media reports quoted a witness identified only as Yeng saying he used a telescope to observe the UFO. He told media about seeing bright flashes of red, yellow and blue lights emitted by the UFO. He claimed he was with friends on Songhu Road in Shanghai when they spotted the UFO hovering in the night sky.

Yeng said he first thought the UFO was a star, "but the stars are not so big; but (I) believe it was not a plane. The object was suspended in the sky and did not seem to move."

Another witness claims he saw the UFO at about 4:00 a.m. He took photos of the object but regretted he was unable to take clearer images because it was dark at the time. He noted, however, that the UFO disappeared before dawn.

Another witness refuted suggestions it was a cloud, saying this couldn't be so because the UFO was very bright and didn't move.