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An image of a UFO captured by International Space Station cameras shows a bright object above the earth's horizon.
UFO sightings 2017: Did NASA just hide a UFO by cutting ISS live feed

Although China is at least a decade late in the space race, its ambitions and capacity to act on its goals are growing.
Source of alien signal finally determined after many years

Strange Rock Structure in China
Is Stunning Rock Structure in Hubei UFO?

The Creepy Real-Life “Men In Black”
UFO conspiracy theorist killed by the real 'Men in Black'? [Video Included]

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 An unidentified flying object, or UFO, is any apparent anomaly in the sky.
Retired Air Force Officer Claims Seeing UFO in 1980 during Britain’s Roswell Incident

Massive 'Super Moon' Rises Over U.S.
Arizona Supermoon Video Shows UFO-Like Vessel Passing By

Google's Project Loon
Camera Captures UFO Burning in Lima, Peru

Alien Face on Mars
Is Alleged Face on Mars Photo Sufficient Proof of Life on Red Planet?

UFO in Italy
Netizens Suspect Use of Photoshop on Alleged UFO Sighting in Italy

Mexico Alert for Popocatepetl Volcano Activity
Mexican Volcano Ash Yields Face of Alien

Convair B-36B
Diver Who Discovers Nuke Bomb near British Columbia in Canada Mistakes It for a UFO

Japan Green Fireball
Japanese Broadcaster NHK Captures Mysterious Green Fireball in Sky Speculated to be UFO

UFO in Austria
Austrians Claim Seeing UFOs in Vienna

An alleged image of a UFO that is being claimed by some experts a mere lenticular cloud.
UFO accidentally filmed by NASA's space camera [Video]; Mothership Docked on the Moon, Image Captured by Apollo mission?

Flying Saucer is said to be lifting off a secret base in Washington.
UFO sighting news: UFO secret base discovered in Washington; Flying saucer lifting off caught on camera

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