• Google's Project Loon

Google's Project Loon (Photo : Project Loon/YouTube)

A Peruvian caught on video a burning UFO soaring through the Lima skies. It was a slow-moving ball of orange light flying through the dark sky which suddenly disappeared without a trace.

A resident filmed the phenomenon and uploaded it on YouTube. The lights, according to conspiracy theorists, is an indicator that an alien invasion would soon happen, The Sun reported. Someone who viewed the video said the orange ball is a burning UFO.

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But The Sun noted that the orange light is possibly the result of a Google project instead of an alien spaceship hovering over Peru. Those are possibly high-altitude balloons that are part of Google’s Project Loon which aims to provide internet access to remoter areas, explaining the multiple sightings over the South American nation.

In an online survey made by Dailystar, 32 percent of respondents believed the orange orb is a UFO, 28 percent said it is just a light, 16 percent insist it is an airplane and 24 percent are not sure what is that object.

However, conspiracy theorists link the so-called alien invasion to the apocalypse following the election win of Republican candidate Donald Trump as 45th president of the U.S.

It is not the first time that alleged alien encounters had been reported in Lima. Most of the so-called extraterrestrial sightings occur at this time of the year. Besides the orange lights, there is also another report of strange lights in another part of Peru.

About half of Peruvians said they had an experience with an alien in the past. Among the theories being cited why the South American nation is n alleged favorite destination point of aliens is these extraterrestrials are attached to the ancient temples and other sites in Peru, Dailystar reported.