• Japan Green Fireball

Japan Green Fireball (Photo : Buzzer/YouTube)

After Austrians, it was the turn of Japanese on Monday to witness strange green fireball flying across the sky. NHK, a major Japanese broadcaster, captured the celestial phenomenon near Niigata City at around 5:30 am.

Since it was the early hours of Halloween, the sight was enough to spook Japanese which led to speculation what was the thing they witnessed. The National Astronomical Observatory said it could be a comet, piece of asteroid which entered the Earth’s atmosphere or falling rocket debris, The Sun reported.

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The observatory noted the green fireball was also seen in other parts of Japan such as Kanagawa, Chiba, Akita and Iwate. Hidehiko Agata, an associate professor, and from the observatory, said that it was an extremely bright example if it were a fireball. He said it possibly was breaking apart while sparking in the sky, making it an extremely rare phenomenon.

An expert believes it was caused by space debris after a fragment from a satellite that burnt up re-entered Earth’s atmosphere, Daily Mail reported.

Not unexpectedly, Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily said it was extraterrestrial. He claimed on his website that the UFO disguised itself as a green glowing meteor, but it made amateurish mistakes.

Waring explained, “First its glowing a colour most meteors don’t glow. Second it’s performing horizontal mambo and meteorites do not fly horizontally while that low to the planet. Gravity would have pulled it down.” He added that when the alien spacecraft turned off its glow for a very short period of time, a silver disk came out.

However, since there was no debris found, some Japanese thought the UFO was an alien spacecraft.