UFO (Photo : Facebook)

Police in Wexford, an Irish town, saw a small spacecraft that looks like a UFO on Thursday morning.

The Telegraph reported that strange-looking vehicle was spotted driving around the streets of Gorey. A resident saw the incident and posted the photo of police officers peering at the UFO.

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It turned out it was an art project of artist Ali Kemal Ali which he exhibited at the Third Space Pop Art Show, reported Irish Examiner. The space-themed art show was held over the weekend at the Common Ground Art Exhibition 2016 at Gorey Park. Ali was apparently bringing home the art piece.

Even if Facebook members learned the strange spacecraft was just an art piece and not proof of extraterrestrial life, it invited comments reflecting how people felt in Ireland after recent political events.

One netizen wrote, “Let’s hope there here to take over from our s*** government.”

Another commented he thought the passengers were leprechauns who were caught overspeeding and would be punished by Irish cops with an “out of this world” penalty.