• UFO in Italy

UFO in Italy (Photo : YouTube/Davisito de Sabedrosky)

In the never-ending debate between UFO believers and netizens, another discussion is going over social media after a man spotted an alleged alien spacecraft over Lecco, Lombardy, Italy on Nov. 2.

Giuseppe Filipponi, the so-called witness to the extraterrestrial vessel, took images of the alleged flying saucer which eventually vanished into the skies. He then shared the images with Gabriele Tim who posted the photos on Alertaperidismoalternativo, a Facebook page, Tech Times reported.

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As expected, the images – which showed the alleged UFO as it released bright spheres – became viral on the internet. UFO believers insisted it is proof of the existence of alien life, the advanced technological discoveries and means of ET civilization of the aliens who visit Earth.

UFOlogists even went to the extent of identifying the species of the visiting aliens as Pleiadians or Nordic aliens. However, skeptics countered that the image is just the result of digital manipulation by using the software Photoshop.

But beyond its alleged appearance, UFOlogists noted that the spaceship was linked to the recent earthquake that destroyed a lot of structures in Norcia and the 250 temblors that have shaken Italy since August. Another UFO was allegedly seen two days before a 6.4-magnitude tremor rocked Chile on Nov. 4.

Alien believers pointed out that ET vessels are often allegedly seen in places which are hit and damaged by quakes. Like in Chile, the UFO was allegedly seen hovering over Italian skies two days before the magnitude 6.6 tremor struck Italy which is the strongest earthquake recorded in the European nation in 36 years.

The belief of UFOlogists is that the aliens were likely monitoring the geological state of Earth or warning humans of an impending natural catastrophe through their visits. However, for non-believers, the spacecraft image is merely proof that “Photoshop is such a wonderful thing.”