• Analogue Nt Mini

Analogue Nt Mini (Photo : Twitter)

Nintendo fans who own NES cartridges can now play the old-school games with the Analogue Nt Mini console. The original NES emulator named Analogue Nt hit the gaming market a year ago for $499, while the new smaller version is now available for pre-order and will ship in September. Analogue's retro console provides full high-definition (HD) resolution and includes the original NES/Famicom tech specs.   

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The NES emulator has a classic look. However, Analogue reported it was an onerous process to develop the NES emulator, which included over 5,000 hours and improving the game system's tiny circuits.

The system is 20 percent smaller than Analogue Nt. The company also shared the HDMI up-conversion renders NES games in full HD resolution.

Nt Mini can use HDMI to output a 1080-pixel signal. It is now a built-in feature while the original version required an HDMI adaptor.    

The console emulator also includes a wireless 8Bitdo NES30 controller that uses a receiver plugged into the original NES controller port to connect to the mini console and recharge, according to PC Magazine. An adaptor is also included that lets people enjoy NES titles with modern gamepads including Sony's Dual Shock 4 and Nintendo's Wii Remote.  

Meanwhile, the portable NES' controller has a 20-hour battery life and can switch on/off the Nt Mini.     

The retro console includes a strong aluminum exterior like the original model.  Nt Mini is larger than the NES Classic Edition but can play over 2,000 NES/Famicom games including "Duck Hunt" with RGB video that splits signals into red, green, and blue. There is also an expansion port for playing Famicom Disk System games.  

The Analogue Nt Mini has a $449 price tag while the black finish model costs $50 more. It will start shipping in January 2017. Unlike the original NES that often sells online for about $100 with games, the NES emulator is for serious gamers.

In related news, classic NES titles such as "Super Mario Bros." and "Donkey Kong" are now available for Microsoft's HoloLens mixed-reality headset, according to Express.

It was recently reported that the Xbox app for Windows 10 links Xbox One content to the augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) headset. However, the AR/VR device can now support NES games. Developer Andrew Peterson built an N3S emulator to stream classic NES games to the Microsoft headset.

Here's a review of Analogue Nt: