• iPhone 7 is Apple's upcoming flagship device for 2016 and is expected to launch in early September.

iPhone 7 is Apple's upcoming flagship device for 2016 and is expected to launch in early September. (Photo : Getty Images/John Gress)

In the recent past, critics have been disapproving Apple for its dropping revenue and the delay of device upgrades. However, several analysts predict that all that could fade with the arrival of the iPhone 7 on Sep. 7.

Barely two weeks after the introduction of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, rumors were rife of an iPhone 7 device sporting an A10 chip. The same reports claimed that it would come in a non-metallic case and an edge-to-edge display.

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 Back then, it was over a year prior to iPhone 7's launch. And today, the same anticipation has grown, especially because many iPhone fans are impatient to see a revolutionary iPhone.

Notably, as good as iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were, Apple did not manage to attract as many buyers as expected because fans thought that the devices looked virtually similar to the earlier ones. Even the addition of new specs inside the hood of the devices did not tempt as much, Mashable reported.

However, with the iPhone 7, a new design is now expected to entice and thrill customers. This may make the upcoming device become a stepping stone for apple to reclaim its glory, soon before releasing the 2016 MacBook Pro.

Even so, every revolutionary change in iPhone 7 will come at a cost. For example, the anticipated removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack may come as a calamity, just like the serial port's removal appeared to be in the past.

Secondly, a protruding camera might disrupt the perfect design tolerances of the iPhone. The addition of stereo speakers could, further, detach the new device from Apple's tradition and the uniqueness that its devices are known to have.

According to Time, Apple will release the iPhone 7 on Sep. 7 and proceed to avail it for pre-order on Sep 9 and retail on Sep 23. As mentioned earlier, it will exclude a headphone jack and sport new revolutionary specs like a dual camera, an entirely new design, and iOS 10.

According to several rumors, Apple may also bump up entry level iPhone's storage as iPhone 7's base model will come with 32GB of storage. This is 16 GB higher than before and could prove to be a luring tool to customers.

Be that as it may, iPhone 7 will have to compete with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and S7 in order to reclaim Apple's glory.

Watch the following clip for more of iPhone 7's specs: