• The Samsung Galaxy S8 concept render does not show the Bio Blue 4K screen tech.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 concept render does not show the Bio Blue 4K screen tech. (Photo : YouTube/iPhone-Crash)

Samsung is close to unveiling the rumored Galaxy X foldable phone with a 4K OLED screen that will be a definite game changer for Android smartphones across the globe in 2017.

Rumors of a foldable smartphone screen from Samsung have started several weeks ago. It was even reinforced by the fact that the South Korean tech giant unveiled a foldable 4K screen.

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Samsung has not yet confirmed when they are going to be using the said Bio Blue foldable screen or which phones will feature the new tech. Speculations have claimed that the Samsung Galaxy X will be the first smartphone to feature the Bio Blue screen which is said to be even better than the current OLED panels from the company, Know Your Mobile has learned.

The Samsung Galaxy X will be just one of the five speculated flagship smartphones that the company will release in 2017. Samsung's Galaxy S8 was also rumored to feature the Bio Blue 4K screen but there has been no further evidence to support the claims.

Apple seems to be late in the party as they will just be using OLED panels for their iPhones starting in 2017. Samsung is already way ahead with the Galaxy X which is also speculated to be part of the company's Project Valley, TheUSBPort reported.

Project Valley is rumored to be Samsung's code name for the ongoing development of foldable smartphones. The Bio Blue 4K screen could be one of the basis for the Project Valley phone specs and the Galaxy X could be the first to be unveiled in 2017.

Samsung initially revealed their first flexible OLED display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 and the Bio Blue 4K screen seems to be a huge leap compared to the predecessor. The company claims that the screen technology is brighter and more vivid than the OLED panels they currently have on their phones such as the Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone with the Bio Blue 4K screen could be expected to be unveiled by the end of the year at the earliest. Project Valley is still not confirmed and Samsung will have to make official announcements regarding the matter in the near future.