• Joker is shown in a screenshot from the trailer of Batman: The Killing Joke

Joker is shown in a screenshot from the trailer of Batman: The Killing Joke (Photo : YouTube / Bruce Wayne)

Killer clowns are starting to become a worldwide phenomenon as several groups now want to terrorize cities but one citizen in Cumbria dresses up as Batman to chase them down.

The clowns have been scaring all sorts of people across the globe. They try to frighten people with their costumes and antics which they capture on video that they upload on social media networks.

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Most of them do it to become famous on Facebook and garner more fans but some people argue that they are just becoming a nuisance by terrorizing the people. Kids in some parts of the United Kingdom are left scared by the killer clown sightings and Cumbria Superheroes stepped up to hunt them down and chase them while dressed as Batman, Digital Spy has learned.

There have also been killer clown sightings in the United States and authorities are starting to become alarmed. Some reports claim that there were some violence involved with clowns and that they were disrupting the otherwise quiet lives of the citizens.

Authorities in Britain claimed that the killer clown sightings and incidents are escalating while McDonalds had to limit the appearances of the fast food chain's mascot to avoid scaring children, Cinemablend reported. Those familiar with Batman and those who watched the recent Suicide Squad film know that the Joker who is dressed up as a clown.

People who are threatened by a clown sighting in their area can call the police and ask for help. Even if the videos on Facebook seem harmless, another group of people could use them as a cover to rob or mug people as their identities are protected by the masks and make up.

Cumbria Superheroes received one thank you letter from a kid in Whitehaven. The letter gave the group more motivation to keep the streets and children safe from the menacing clowns.

"I seen on my mammy fb that u caught the clown this means that I can go back to school and not be scared thank you for your efforts (sic)," the letter read.

Killer clown sightings are also being reported in several south east Asian countries. Although some believe that other groups are just following suit from the original ones in order to become famous as well.