• Apple Watch in various colorful straps.

Apple Watch in various colorful straps. (Photo : Getty images/Pablo Cuadra)

When it comes to smartwatch that helps in daily exercises, Apple has all the credit for introducing a lot of wearables to help in fitness activities. As there are many smartwatches designed for exercising, a comparative view is preferred and this is mostly done to compare the new Apple Watch Nike+ to the Apple Watch sport.

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In 2014, Apple released the Apple Watch Sport. Due to the fact that Apple Watch Nike+ was launched recently, it is stated that there are Watch Sport users who are asking whether there is a need to replace with the newest smartwatch that has been collaboratively manufactured by Apple and Nike.

Tech crunch reported that Nike partnered with Apple to introduce a smartwatch that is most ideal for walking, running, and even marathons. Similar to Apple Watch Series 2 models , Nike+ has built-in GPS that enables the work without iPhones. Nike is exploring new sales opportunities alongside apparels.

Few reports also stated that Apple Watch Nike+ gives a very easy access. It will track the time for running, heart rate, pace and miles ran will also be calculated in the wearable.  Equipped with an auto-pause feature, users can pause every time there's a need without worrying about the record that it may be messed up.

During the first year of release, Apple Watch Sport reported to have received praises. With smartwatches already existing in the market, Watch Sport began to receive negative response since new features were already included in the new wearables, like the Apple Watch Nike+.

CNET review reported that that the Apple Watch is waterproof up to 50 meters. It has in-built GPS and an optical heart-rate sensor apart from all-day fitness tracking facility. It can also run dozens of third-party apps. With nearly 8GB of storage, 2GB can be used for music storage that stores about 500 songs.  When Apple Watch is connected to iPhone, it can be used to make calls, reply to messages and view incoming notifications from Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat apps.

As there is an increasing demand from users for wearables, Apple is constantly working to create products that fit the needs of consumers. From Apple's first smartwatch release, Apple already launched several wearables like Watch Sport, Watch Nike+ and Apple Watch Series 2.

The Apple Watch Nike+ costs $369 for the 38mm and $399 for the 42mm version.