• Hello Games introduces the Foundation Update for "No Man's Sky."

Hello Games introduces the Foundation Update for "No Man's Sky." (Photo : YouTube/PlayStation EU)

Hello Games has announced that there will be a small patch for "No Man's Sky" soon. Some Steam members are confused why is the game currently third at the top sellers list.

According to the official website of Steam, a new patch will be launched soon to fix several smaller issues that are currently plaguing the PC version of the video game. The fix is for the players who have encountered several bugs that prevented them on making progress on it.

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The patch fixes one of the problems with the NPCs that refuse to engage in a conversation, which will deny a player a mission critical dialogue. It also fixed a bug where important Exosuit inventory items to mysteriously get transferred to the Starship without doing anything.

The patch will also fix the problem where unsupported mods are having some issues. The patch will add a mod detection feature, which will show a warning screen on loading when mods are detected. Players will only need to press a button or click on the screen to dismiss it.

There will be new features added with the new update like a better support for the Azerty keyboards. The ability to get blueprints that were already owned by the player will also be added with this new update.

Small problems will be fixed with the upcoming update like revising the message when being given a technology that players already know. Rare crashes were also fixed and a fix for the monitor detection of PCs with third party remote desktop will also be added when the update is implemented soon.

The game developers warned that while those issues will be fixed when the update will be implemented, players who were affected will have to wait. Those who have just begun will have no issues with the ones mentioned.

According to another post on the official website of Steam, a member was confused why "No Man's Sky" was third in the top sellers list, while it has mostly negative reviews. One member explained that it was a hyped up game that many gamers bought on day one, but were disappointed as they progressed. So it got third rank in the list, while also having mostly negative reviews too.

Check out the "No Man's Sky" Foundation Update Trailer video below: