• Bragi The Headphone

Bragi The Headphone (Photo : Facebook)

Apple's iPhone 7 is missing a headphone jack for the first time in the smartphone brand's nearly decade-long history and it seems the industry is switching to wireless tech. That includes Kickstarter's Bragi Dash earbuds that promised touch controls, motion sensors, and fitness tracking. The German startup's second wireless in-ear headphones called The Headphone costs $10 less than Apple's AirPods and returns to audio tech basics.

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Many wireless earbuds are now available. They also have several problems including low battery life, bad connections, and difficulty in cases such as when a person puts a smartphone in a pocket or covers the antenna.

Apple and Doppler Labs are some companies that have delayed their wireless earbuds until they can fix technical issues.

Bragi seems to have fit a lot of tech into its new tiny earbuds. The Headphone has a $149 price tag and has removed much of the tech found in its first wireless earphones named Dash.   

Bragi's second pair of no-wire earbuds is still fully wireless. They are a little larger due to the computer parts and controls, and flash when connected, according to Business Insider. The earbuds, however, have a black finish and are more unostentatious than Apple's bright white AirPods.  

The Headphone is also bundled with three ear tips to get the best fit. There are three sizes: small (rubber), medium (rubber), and large (foam).

Three tiny physical buttons are located on the side of the right earbud. They include controls for volume up/down; play/pause; and skip tracks forward/backward, or talk to Apple's Siri or Google Now.  

The on-device controls are easier to use than pulling out a handset to change the volume or skip a track. It must still be done with care to protect the user's ear canal.  

Another issue is the wireless earphone's mic. Calls sound unclear and users must sound out words carefully when talking to Siri.  

Bragi shares that the earbuds are not waterproof but are "sweatproof." They seem to fit well even when the wearer is running.

Another plus of The Headphone is that the connection is mostly steady after pairing the device, which prevents a lot of problems.

In related news, Apple is reportedly having problems syncing audio between the two wireless AirPods, according to AppleInsider. The tech giant is also figuring out what to do when a user loses one AirPod, or the battery dies in the left or right part.