• PS4 Slim along with controller for console.

PS4 Slim along with controller for console. (Photo : YouTube/DetroitBORG)

There is a new offer and it is for the PS4 Slim which was released by Sony this year, and taking advantage of it customers can get the console at $250 with a $50 gift card at Best Buy.

With Sony outselling Microsoft in gaming consoles in November, the company seems to be set on continuing it good sales streak over the holidays. Retailers are also doing their bit to help the company, and recently an offer for the PS4 Slim drew attention when it brought the console price down to$200.

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The new offer on the PS4 Slim was announced by Best Buy on its website, and as per its terms people who buy the console which is priced at $250 will get a free gift card for $50, GameSpot reported. It went on to point out that Best Buy is the only retailer that has offered the gift cards while others have the console priced at $250.

This particular offer from Best Buy gives users access to the "Uncharted 4" game for free as it is bundled along with the PS4 Slim. Importantly, users will have until Christmas Eve to take advantage of the offer which is being described as one of the best available.

As users get a gift card and a free game throw in as part of the deal, it is being described as being better than the discounts that were offered on the console during the Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales period. However, these price cuts which started on Dec. 11 are expected to only continue till the time Christmas is over after which the PS4 Slim will be priced at $300.

If customers were hoping to buy the PS4 Slim before the year is out, this is currently the cheapest deal available on it. After taking advantage of the Best Buy deal on the PS4 Slim, customers can even use the $50 gift card to buy the higher end PS4 Pro console, BGR reported. Alternatively, they can use the gift card to buy any other tech gear which they can use along with gaming consoles.

Customers can buy the PS4 Slim online right now, and take advantage of free two day shipping that is being provided. This means that they could have the gaming console in their hands by the time Christmas rings in.

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