• "Phantom Dust" is a title where elements of a card game and a third person shooter are combined.

"Phantom Dust" is a title where elements of a card game and a third person shooter are combined. (Photo : YouTube/Xbox)

One of the earliest Xbox titles is said to be making a comeback and fans are now excited about it. Microsoft's action strategy game - "Phantom Dust" has been confirmed to be released this 2017 and could be seeing the light of day within the first half of the year.

The good news came about as one of the avid followers of the game took to Twitter to ask Xbox head Phil Spencer about the game's release. Spencer then responded on a positive note saying that they want to see it played by fans right before 2017's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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In a statement obtained by SegmentNext, general manager Shannon Loftis mentioned that the development of the game's remastered version is right on track. Loftis went on saying that since it is an in-house game that they are bringing back to life, it is reasonable to keep its development at a steady pace not to mention that they want to make it great this time.

The first "Phantom Dust" went out in Sept. 2004 in Japan and March 2005 in the North American region. It created quite a player base during that time and even went on to become one of Xbox's best exclusive titles. Microsoft revealed at E3 2014 their intent in making a remastered render of the game. Nonetheless, news about its development became scarce until nothing was heard from it ever since, Gamezone reported.

Darkside Studios took charge in developing the revamped version during that year. However, due to financial issues, Microsoft decided to pull the plug on the game's development followed by the closure of Darkside.

For those who are fairly new with the title, "Phantom Dust" is a combination of a card game and a third person shooter. Players then acquire skills at the course of the game from which they can mix and match to form powerful combinations of attacks alongside the dust that is also used as a weapon.

Here is the teaser trailer for the upcoming Xbox exclusive, "Phantom Dust:"