• Nintendo's '1-2-Switch' for the new hybrid console provides less feedback and fewer gameplay options than 'Wii Sports.'

Nintendo's '1-2-Switch' for the new hybrid console provides less feedback and fewer gameplay options than 'Wii Sports.' (Photo : YouTube/Nintendo)

Nintendo's Wii console launched about a decade ago in 2006 and one of the biggest question marks among gamers was about motion control. "Wii Sports" and Wii Remote allowed players to enjoy unpretentious games they already knew including baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, and boxing. Nintendo's "1-2-Switch" for the new Switch console also includes competitive mini-games that use different input methods.   

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The new Switch game will not be bundled. It will cost $50 and be sold separately from the console/tablet system. The input methods include infrared sensors, motion control, and advanced haptic feedback through "HD rumble."

"1-2-Switch" follows "Nintendo Land" for the Wii U console. That title received good reviews for its fun, content, and gameplay including multiple applications of the gamepad.

The recent Switch event at the Tokyo Big Sight expo center gave Nintendo fans a chance to try out the new gaming system. That event included the new Zelda game and eight stations that featured one of the "1-2-Switch" mini games.      

The title includes many interesting mini games. They include a sandwich-eating game, cow-milking game, and cowboy quick draw game.

For example, one "2-1-Switch" title is a samurai game. It requires two players using the Joy-Con to swing fake swords at the opponent's head.  

Using defense to block the sword is more complex. Gamers must grip the Joy-Con in one palm, raise their arms, and clap the sword at neck level, according to Destructoid. They must also use their other hand to press in the joystick.  

Another of the hottest mini games at the event was the ball-counting game that allowed visitors to experience "HD Rumble." Gamers use the Joy-Con controller to guess the number of imaginary balls sitting in an imaginary box. They use the joystick to input their guess.

One issue is that the "1-2-Switch" mini games will be more difficult to play in social situations than the "Wii Sports" titles. The Wii games included action-based graphics that provided visual feedback.

When playing the Switch mini-games the process is more difficult. That is because the feedback includes sounds and "rumbles."

The "1-2-Switch" titles also have fewer gameplay options. They include no single player, rewards, or extra challenge.

 Nintendo's target market for the Switch console seems to be hardcore fans. The gaming giant's hands-on event in New York City revealed it will release five titles with the console and about 30 games this year, according to Wired.   

Nintendo's $299 Switch console will be launched on March 3.

Here's a trailer for '1-2-Switch':