• Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong (Photo : Getty Images)

Xia Guozan, a staunch supporter of the People's Liberation Army, waged an online war against Liang Hongda, a TV host, demanding from the latter an apology that was never given.

Liang Honda was criticized by several Chinese netizens who support Lei Fang, a soldier of the People's Liberation Army, and who has been given high praises by former leader Mao Zedong. Liang was critical of Fang.

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The online altercation began when Liang uttered some ill remarks about heroes who are molded to meet certain political needs and Lei Fang, the soldier who was labeled an icon for his loyalty and selflessness, allegedly planned his photos to make him appear heroic and deserving of the limelight.

Soon after, supporters of Fang and his representation went to Sina Weibo account of Liang and accused the latter of being a "U.S. lackey."

Liang was also pigeonholed as having the desire to "subvert the State," as reported by the Global Times.

Meanwhile, fans of the TV host bought the spat and defended him by saying the loyalists of Mao Zedong were attempting "to repeat the history for a new Cultural Revolution" which lasted for a decade since 1966.

According to the report, Mao Zedong loyalists and haters had collided already in the past. But recently, bashers have been given an undeserving penalty: dismissal from their jobs.

Xia refused to call himself a loyalist. Instead, he described himself a patriotic citizen who calls those who make offensive statements as "anti-Mao traitors" who try to divide the country by criticizing heroes and insulting Mao, as reported.

Xia's support of the PLA or the advocacy left by Mao can be seen from his Weibo account, which is dedicated to criticizing people who betrayed their country by speaking ill about their leaders.

Sina Weibo is often used to stage wars and host debates about political issues.