• Roshaun Jones on the canvas after being knocked down by Cande Rochin in a boxing match last July 18, 2015.

Roshaun Jones on the canvas after being knocked down by Cande Rochin in a boxing match last July 18, 2015. (Photo : YouTube/HD Boxing)

While a majority of mixed martial artists are actually pleasant people, there is a small percentage of them that let their violent nature spill outside the ring. A prime example of this is former Bellator bantamweight fighter Roshaun Jones who was recently charged and arrested in connection to double murder in Oklahoma.

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Jones fought a total of eight times in his professional MMA career although he only found success in two of these fights. His last contest was in a local Kansas promotion back in November 2016, which he lost via an arm bar submission in the very first round. He then seemingly gave up on his fighting career following his third straight loss and turned to a life of crime instead.

Jones tried to rob a Laundry Station in Del City last Jan. 23, but unfortunately botched his attempt. The day manager of the establishment, Nekia Jackson, and 60-year old customer Russ Roberts lost their lives as a result, the New York Daily News reported. Authorities stated that Jones had Jackson held at gunpoint when Roberts came to her aid, resulting in shots being fired.

Jackson had already been working at the local Laundry Station in order to support her family, including her recently born grandchild. Her father has repeatedly voiced his concern for his daughter after she would come to work and find windows as well as other objects broken. "I always was uneasy with her, because she opens, and it would be dark, and it would be like six and she was punctual," he told KFOR in an interview.

A customer, who immediately called for police assistance, discovered the bodies after walking into the store. Authorities immediately reviewed surveillance footage from the establishment to find a possible suspect for the murders and perhaps, accomplices as well. Jones was officially brought into police custody on the evening of Jan. 27 although it is unknown If he acted alone in the crime.

Police still currently believe that the homicides are a result of a failed robbery attempt and were not the primary motive. The investigation regarding the double homicide is still ongoing, but evidenced has strongly linked Jones to the crime enough to charge him.

Watch Jones take on Richie Bowen in the video below: