• Blizzard: Play Overwatch For Free Next Weekend

Blizzard: Play Overwatch For Free Next Weekend (Photo : PlayOverwatch/YouTube)

New details for "Overwatch" will feature a two hero release and hints on the schedules for the "Overwatch League" revealed.

It seems that Blizzard Entertainment will likely launch two heroes in "Overwatch's" growing roster as the latest PTR of the game revealed that Doomfist gauntlet has been taken along with some damages in the Numbani stage. Many gaming fans speculated that the changes in the Numbani stage could mean that the new Doomfist is coming to the game very soon.

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Doomfist has been hinted for sometime since last year as "White Chicks" star Terry Crews has been hinted to possibly provide the voice of Doomfist in "Overwatch" even making a mock dialogue lines for charatcer.

The problem however, is that game director Jeff Kaplan stated before that the next DLC hero is not everyone thinks, meaning Doomfist may not be the 24th hero coming to "Overwatch". This comes in the form of another rumored hero in "Overwatch" named Efi Oladele.

Efi is an 11-year-old genius from Numbani who pilots a spider-like tank Omnic called Anchora. Efi is interested in the Omnics and wants to build one for peace. Many gamers believed that Efi could be that hero, but Kaplan again, cleared out the speculations by saying that EfI is not the next hero, but she will have significant connection to the next DLC character reveal.

This leads to everyone questioning what Blizzard's true goal in revealing their next character and some fans came to the conclusion that the publisher could be launching not one, but two character releases.

If Blizzard does intend to release both characters at once, then Kaplan’s statement could simply be a misdirection. It is generally accepted that Efi will not be on the front lines, given her age, but she could create something that could play an important role in "Overwatch", such as a new hero. With the incident at the Numbani Airport serving as a catalyst to inspire her to build something incredible. If her creation does become the twenty-forth hero, then Doomfist could easily fill the role of the twenty-fifth, and there would be truth to what Kaplan said, Gamerant reported.

In other news, it seems that schedules for the "Overwatch League" is set on the third quarter of this year and it is currently planned as a short season.

The finals for the "Overwatch League" will also be similar to the "League of Legends" World Championships in that it will not be in the same city every year, and not at BlizzCon event.

A serious departure from tradition for Blizzard, as Blizzcon has been the esports HQ for the Anaheim-based company for many years. The company seems to be doubling down on their esports program for "Overwatch" with more changes than have already been implemented. With the momentum of their more than 25 million players only eight months after release, they believe that the game has serious esports potential.

As for the profits, sharing profits from in-game sales has not been decided yet, but is being seriously considered. It is possible to share profits from sales of seasonal esports items or related items with the teams, but it is still under consideration at this point, PVPLive reported.

"Overwatch" is currently available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.