• A pinkish white UFO was reportedly spotted by NASA.

A pinkish white UFO was reportedly spotted by NASA. (Photo : Youtube/Streecap1)

NASA's International Space Station was reportedly being watched and monitored by the UFOs and aliens. Reports claim that a video of a Martian woman was taken by NASA's Curiosity Rover, a four-wheeled robot, while another footage was rumored to be taken by a NASA camera showing a pink and white object soaring across in space around International Space Station (ISS).

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According to Express, the UFO researchers and investigators are hailing a major act to find proof of alien life. It was reported that a miniature Martian was spotted in the images of Mars by NASA's Curiosity Rover. The image was claimed to be showing a tiny woman-human-like creature, which is about  eight to 10 cm tall-coffee cup size, acting as a lookout after NASA's robot was sent in Mars.

"The woman seems to have breasts, (which was) indicated by the shadow on its chest, and it should concern every country in the world," the publication quoted UFO researcher Scott C. Waring as saying. "There is life out there."

The latest video shows two dots rising from the atmosphere with colors pink and white, but this video was cut and replaced with the message "Please stand by." NASA is reportedly trying its best to hide any stories and possible real footages about mysterious alien race by having some glitch on the said recording, according to Mail Online.

NASA has yet to make any comments on the said UFO reports. It is speculated that they either may have a poor quality of camera or were experiencing temporary loss of signal.