• The Flash is a CW Network series developed by writer/producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns.

The Flash is a CW Network series developed by writer/producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns. (Photo : Faceboo/The Flash)

New rumors and spoilers for season 2 of "The Flash" TV series have been revealed regarding Zoom's possible identity and Barry Allen fighting his future self within the show.

Season 2's main villain, Zoom (Tony Todd) has been the subject of many speculations and theories within "The Flash" TV series. Fans theorized that the Blue Flash in the season 2 teaser is Zoom and that Barry Allen's (Grant Gustin) future self could be the real identity of the rogued speedster.

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However, it was speculated that Zoom came from Earth 2 and that his real name could be Edward Clariss a.k.a. The Rival, ComicBook reported. The Rival in the comics was the first villain to assume the mantle of the "Reverse-Flash" and he is the arch-enemy of the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears).

Clariss created a formula that can replicate Jay's super speed, but the scientific community did not support his claim which led to a life of crime and driving him insane. Clariss wore a dark blue version of Jay's costume and had many confrontations with him, before the latter was defeated and got trapped in the Speed Force.

Since the plot of "The Flash" season 2 will explore different "alternate earths" and that Jay Garrick will somehow warn Barry and the rest of Team Flash about a new dangerous foe, it could make sense that the show's version of Zoom could be Clariss himself.

The show's executive producer Greg Berlanti decribed Zoom's character as their version of "Star Wars" villain Darth Vader. Todd will provide the voice the character, while another person will be doing his physical actions. Berlanti added that Zoom's costume will be a organic and housing in dark energies when he moves.

Aside from the Zoom, There are also hints that Barry will likely face his future self in season 2. The latest promo from "The Flash" showcased Barry's new super speed powers that lets him produced blue lighting streaks. The Blue lightning streak indicated that Barry is getting faster than ever which enables him to run around globe in just few short hours.

This futher supported the claim that future Barry could appear and have a face-off with his present self sometime within the show, The Christian Post reported.

Future Barry Allen was first introduced in the DC New 52 era as he became frustrated with his life and decides to "fix" every mistake he made from the past, which caused a disturbance throughout time.

"The Flash" season 2 will premier on Oct. 7 on the CW Network.