• Eminem Releases Behind-the-Scenes Video of “Phenomenal”

Eminem Releases Behind-the-Scenes Video of “Phenomenal” (Photo : EminemVEVO YouTube Channel)

Eminem has just released the making of his action-packed music video "Phenomenal." The 8-minute behind-the-scene clip shows how his production team created the movie-like MTV.

The video showed how Eminem and his crew pulled off one amazing stunt after another, Power106 reported.

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The first scene that they shot was the scene with Randall Park where he played a cameo role of a huge Eminem fan taking a selfie during a car chase. Park admitted that he is also a big fan of the rapper in real life. The actor is known for his role in "The Interview" as Kim Jong-Un.

The song "Phenomenal" was part of the "Southpaw" soundrack which starred Jake Gyllenhaal who played the role of Billy "The Great" Hope.

Stunt coordinator Andy Armstrong was interviewed in the video and he said that what they were doing was ambitious with motorcycles, cars, helicopter, and fight scenes.

Armstrong said that he was impressed with Eminem's high speed driving especially in their drift car scene. He added that the rapper did a lot of boxing training so he knows how to execute the fight scenes.

He said that Eminem's good physical conditioning and right coordination was a very pleasant surprise.

Assistant director Andy Coffing talked about their second day of shooting in Hong Kong where they will do a street scene and have that mysterious encounter with actor John Malkovich.

Malkovich said that his role was that of a "mobster gangster." He admitted that he's a huge fan of Eminem, describing the rapper as constantly changing and growing as an artist. He added that Eminem is also an excellent actor.

Next up was the hospital scene at Inglewood, California where the first scene of the music video took place. This was the part when Eminem woke up in the hospital not really knowing where he was or how he got there.

Later that day, Coffing showed the scene at the Palace Theater at downtown Los Angeles where the last scene for the music video was shot.

The clip also showed the helicopter scene they did at Camarillo Airport. It also featured the part where Dr. Dre's cameo appeared as he was waiting for Eminem to arrive.

Watch the exciting behind-the-scene video below!