• ‘Clash of Clan’ (COC) Tips And Tricks: Fixing A Rushed Base

‘Clash of Clan’ (COC) Tips And Tricks: Fixing A Rushed Base (Photo : Facebook)

"Clash of Clans" quickly became a huge success following its arrival at the App Store on August 2012. The game app reportedly generates millions per day, regardless of its being a free app.

Most "Clash of Clans" players pay countless dollars for the game, allegedly amounting to almost $5million per day, Android Headlines reported. However, experts in the game say that there actually is no need to spend so much after you have grasped the basics of improving the game.

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"Clash of Clans" gems, for instance, is best saved for when you really need them, and not spend them all when you are still in the tutorial phase, its game developer Supercell advised.

Gems come in handy for accelerating upgrades, as well as, boosting collectors and mines, which adds to the output twice than the original. A player can also improve the  troop's training with the help of gems or purchase a shield to shelter your village for a certain period of time, Neuro Gadget reported.

The "Clash of Clans" gems are usually harvested from rocks and trees, but costs a small sum of elixir. There are players who spend  ridiculous amounts of money on gems in order to build their village quickly, but again, experts of the game say that the fun and satisfaction actually come from saving up for things.

Upgrading "Clash of Clans" storages is also essential because they can give shelter to more resources, which a player can use to upgrade troops and fortifications.

"Clash of Clans"  defenses, above all, are crucial. Without it, it is pretty much impossible to succeed in the game. Right from the beginning, "Clash of Clans" players are advised to upgrade their defenses to the highest possible level before moving forward.