• Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book Production To Roll Into Q1 2016 Due To Parts Shortage

Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book Production To Roll Into Q1 2016 Due To Parts Shortage (Photo : YouTube)

Microsoft has been compelled to cut back on production on both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 due to a shortage in parts and supplies. As a result, there is a market shift demand for the two gadgets for the first quarter of 2016.

With the holidays here, Microsoft hopes to capitalize on the season with its offering of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, but that may not happen because a shortage in some of its parts has resulted into a slowdown in production.

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According to Phone Arena, Microsoft has a shortage in the supply of Intel's Skylake Processor, which is crucial for any smartphone and device as pointed out by supply chain sources. However, there will be more supply of the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 for the coming Q1 of 2016 as supply for the processor picks up. The company is believed to have the services of Pegatron, which should fasten the process of production.

The same publication establishes that the Surface Book should have more than 100,000 units by Q1 2016, which the Surface Pro 4 should have more than 200,000 units ready for the market. While Microsoft might miss the holiday season, the company could still compensate for it by having both models out early in 2016.

Conventionally, the holidays see most manufacturers having their products out in full force. The January-February season would be the time most companies pull out some of the products from the holidays, and therefore, Microsoft will utilize the opportunity to fill in that void, Digit noted.

Microsoft Surface Book has little competition because it is an exceptional laptop/tablet hybrid. However, the company might face stiff competition in its Pro line, especially from Apple's iPad Pro.

The Surface Pro 4 might win the battle because of the rumored flaws of the iPad Pro freezing during and after charging.

Have a glimpse of the specs and feature for Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 below.