• Taiwanese women outnumber men by 37,800.

Taiwanese women outnumber men by 37,800. (Photo : Reuters)

Taiwan's female population is now 37,811 more than the male population. This figure states a 99.68 decrease in Taiwan's gender ration. This is according to the announcement by Taiwan's Internal Affairs Department on Jan. 17.

The department also announced that the number of old people 65 years old up increased, making it 12 percent of the entire population.

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The department stated that by the end of last year, the official Taiwan population amounts to 23,433,753. These are all registered Taiwan residents. The population growth rate is 2.6 in every 1,000 persons.

Women amount to 50.08 percent of the entire population and the number is 37,811 more than the male population. Based on last year's figures, the gender ratio has decreased to 99.68.

Other statistical data released include the figures arising from different segments of the Taiwanese population. People aged 0 to 14 comprise 14 percent (3,280,000) of the whole population. People from age 15 to 64 totaled to 17,350,000, representing 74 percent of the entire population.

As said earlier, elderly people aged 65 years old and above comprise 12 percent of the population with a total number of 2,810,000 people.

The department stated that since 1993, Taiwan has been an aging society. This means that the continued increase of people aged 65 and above is disturbing. The aging index in Taiwan is higher than that of the United States and other countries in Asia and Australia.

Tapei has a 92.1 sex ratio, the lowest sex ratio compared to other cities. On the other end is Lienchiang County with a sex ratio of 133.6.

The aging index between cities and counties also has significant differences. Chiayi County boasts of the highest index of 147.7 percent, while Hsinchu has the lowest at 56 percent.