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Alibaba's Investment in Malaysia
Alibaba’s First Investment in Malaysia: Jack Ma to Announce Setting Up of Regional Distribution Hub

As part of its expansion moves in Southeast Asia, Alibaba founder and executive chairman Jack Ma, together with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, is expected to announce plans to set up a regional distribution hub in Malaysia, said to be Alibaba’s first investment in the country.

Brazilian Wineries
Brazilian Wineries Eye More Wine Exports to China

Brazilian wineries in South Brazil, especially those planning to export their products to other countries, are looking at China as a major customer, China Daily reported.

Hershey's chocolate bars
Hershey's Sales in China Down by 16.6%, Link with Lotte Group Deemed a Cause

Hershey's revenues for the quarter were below estimates by analyst after a decrease of 16.6 percent sales in China

People's Bank of China
China to Impose Higher Interest Rates, Following US Lead

The central banks of China and the U.S. are set to implement higher interest rates on the basis of differing reasons.

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Asia-Pacific Economies
China Seen as Growth Driver for Asia-Pacific Regional Economy

Emerging economies in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia, are looking at China to drive and maintain the growth in the region as U.S. economic direction appears uncertain, according to VOA News.

Nanjing Residents
More Chinese Cities Impose Restrictions on Housing Purchases to Calm Property Market

In a bid to control the rise in home prices in China’s property market, additional measures to restrict housing purchases were introduced by authorities in the cities of Nanjing and Qingdao.

Chip Production in China
What Trump Should Know: China Aiming to Become World’s Technology Innovator, Not Its Manufacturer

For all the threats that U.S. President Donald Trump has thrown on China, such as imposing high tariff on U.S. imports and labeling China as currency manipulator, it could be picking up the wrong fight.

Chinese and Indian Leaders
China, India Leading World Economy While West Still Preoccupied with Politics

China and India are leading the way to dominate the world economy while Americans and Europeans are busy with political issues in their own turfs, Forbes reported.

It’s been almost three years since became a TMall vendor, and the fruits of its labor have indeed been sweet.
Jewelry Sales on Alibaba’s TMall Skyrocket

Chinese people’s penchant for jewelry cause’s sales to increase via, a shopping site by Alibaba, according to an article by Due to great sales performance, the company is examining its prospects for expansion.

Ivanka Trump
Chinese Plastic Surgery Company Caters to Ivanka Trump Lookalike

Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management, a Chinese plastic surgery company, offers services to aspiring Ivanka Trump lookalike.

China-Chile Free Trade
China-Chile Free Trade: An Exemplary Model

In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, commerce expert Juan Esteban Matusalem said that China-Chile free trade is a model of success.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang hopes for
American Companies First to Suffer in China-US Trade War, Li Warns

In the closing of the 5th session of the 12th National People’s Congress, Chinese Premier Li warned the U.S. that American firms would be the first to suffer if China-U.S. trade war occurs.

Local Tourists in Beijing
Ctrip Opens 5,500 Retail Outlets in 22 Provinces, Cities Across China

China’s Internet tourism services provider has started implementing its strategy to expand its services in second-, third-, and fourth-tier cities across China as well as integrating its services with Traveling Bestone and Qunar vacation businesses.

L'Oreal in China
L’oreal: Future of China’s Beauty Market Is Promising

In an interview with China Daily, L’oreal China’s CEO said that there is a bright future for China’s beauty market.

China's Industrial Output
New Rise in China’s Industrial Output Attributed to Continuing Govt Stimulus

Industrial output in China is showing signs of growth again, as the government presented data for the first two months of 2017, which show that the economy is reacting to government stimulus, according to an article in The Australian.

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