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New Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission
Newly Appointed Head of China’s Banking Regulatory Body to Tackle Bad Loans, Shadow Banks

The appointment of Guo Shuqing as chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) is seen as a decisive move by Beijing to improve the country’s financial system amid a rapid economic growth.

Trading of U.S. Stocks
China’s Economic Growth Credited for Driving Record-High US Stocks

The growth of the Chinese economy is seen as the key factor in the recent rally of U.S. stocks in the market, an analyst said in a note on Monday, Feb. 27, CNBC reported.

Apple prepares to inaugurate 'Apple Park' and commemorate 'Steve Jobs Theatre'

Apple announced that Apple Campus 2 will be opening for employees to move in this April, while officially naming the site "Apple Park." Accommodating more than 12,000 employees to the site will take more than six months, the company said and few smaller building construction and landscaping will proceed into the summer.

India's PayTM Online Payment
Alibaba Launches PayTM Mall to Take on Flipkart, Amazon in India's Online Marketplace

Backed by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, PayTM launched its PayTM mall in India, an Android app for smartphones, patterned after Alibaba’s TMall, to compete with rivals Flipkart and Amazon in the country’s online shopping market, Business Standard reported.

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RCEP Talks in Kobe, Japan
RCEP Trade Deal: China-led RCEP Starts Trade Talks Highlighting Tariffs, Services

The 16-nation Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) has begun trade negotiations in Kobe, Japan, to form an Asian pact and finalize agreements on tariff cuts and market access in the services sector, Bloomberg reported.

With 5G on display,  Dr.Volkmar Tanneberger, Volkswagen Executive Director of Electrics and Electronics speaks
Verizon, Sprint and Ericsson begin 5G technology evolution

4G LTE is mostly used in developed countries. So what's next? There are already talks of 5G technology - ranging from AT&T's recently announced 5G Evolution network to Verizon partnership with Samsung. Further, Sprint is also joining and will be demonstrating its Gigabit LTE TDD and MWC. While its not technically 5G, that two companies will begin testing later this year, it's a crucial preliminary step towards 5G.

Visitors wait for the casino hotel Crown Macau official opening May 12, 2007 in Macau, China.
Chinese Gamers Drumbeat the Resurrection of Macau’s Largest Casinos

After a period of hiatus, Macau’s largest casinos are up again to a vibrant mood due to the booming Chinese real estate industry and soaring factory business sector.

Apple iCloud storage upgrades introduced by Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing
Apple acquires domain from the network developer Tong Lei

Apple newly acquired the domain name, one of the final pieces related to iCloud that the company itself did not own. Although its not clear when Apple made the deal, the social network earlier linked to that domain will be winding by the end of this month.

Bailian Group's Retail Store
Alibaba's Brick-and-Mortar Move to Challenge Amazon in Retail Market

Alibaba Group Holding’s brick-and-mortar move is expected to strengthen its presence in the retail market and give Amazon a direct challenge in the market share.

Two millennials are seen together on a music festival during Chinese National Day.
Chinese Millennials Ditching 9-5 Jobs for Part-Time Gigs

A startup called DouMi is banking on the job-hop trend among Chinese millennials, who are more interested in taking part-time gigs than the traditional, long-term work.

Walmart stores are decorated with Chinese lanterns and discount posters to attract customers.
Walmart Eyes New Retail Models to Boost Profit in China

Walmart will further expand in the country this year by opening up to 40 new branches.

According to iResearch China, Amazon only holds less than 1 percent in China's lucrative e-commerce market.
Amazon in China: West's E-commerce Giant Still Gets Dominated in the East

Seattle-based Amazon is still lagging behind China's biggest e-commerce firms. The company reportedly holds only less than 1 percent in the country's lucrative e-commerce market.

Yuan's Value
China’s $3.8 Trillion Loss: Economist Debunks Misconceptions, Presents Possible Reasons for Capital Flight

In the last 10 years, China lost a total of $3.8 trillion to capital flight and to curb the outflows, a complex system of capital controls was developed by Chinese authorities.

Pedestrians walk past a Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. branch, a unit of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. (MUFG).
China, Japan Eager to Invest in Philippines to Support Country's Sustained Economic Growth

Chinese and Japanese companies are looking at investing as well as partnering with Philippine firms. This is amid the bright prospects brought about by the sustained economic growth of the country.

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