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Although the global economy continues to grow from strength to strength, the world isn’t spared from dangers posed by its current state of affairs.
Present Dangers That Can Rock the Global Economy

There’s no doubting that the global economy continues to grow from strength to strength, thanks to the continued practice of neoliberal values as the world continues to grow its internationalized character. Nonetheless, the world isn’t spared from dangers posed by its current state of affairs.

As the Chinese economy continues to tread along a vibrant path, more businesses are set to gain interest in doing business in China.
5 Pieces of Advice When Doing Business in China

China is shrouded in so much mystique, that one may wonder how its growth as the world’s second-largest economy has piqued the interest of many Western businesses. Doing business in China emerges as a challenging feat, considering that both the East and the West share cultural contrasts.

Nuclear Power Station in China
China’s Nuclear Power Industry Should Be Prioritized: Nuclear Industry Executive

China’s nuclear power industry should be given priority by ensuring that nuclear power plants become the primary source of power in the country while its output should not be adjusted during fluctuations in power demand, according to the country’s top nuclear industry executive, China Daily reported.

HNA Chairman Chen Feng
HNA Group Acquires Majority Stake in Influential Beijing-Based Media Company

In its recent acquisition move, Chinese conglomerate HNA Group has acquired an 80 percent stake in a Beijing-based media company that runs Caijing Magazine, one of the most popular and influential business magazines in the country, China Daily reported.

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Intel office premises seen with logo
ARM vs Intel vs AMD: Softbank Group’s ARM to crush Intel’s dominance; New AMD Ryzen affected by Windows 10 bug

The American multinational corporation Intel may currently be rejoicing, but the company’s dominance may soon crumble as its leading customer Microsoft is now looking to use a chip from a different microprocessor manufacturer.

The U.S. is soliciting insights from the public about China as a market economy, a designation that would limit the calculation of anti-dumping duties on Chinese goods.
US to Suffer More If Trade War Is Launched Against China: Wahaha Boss

The United States is likely to suffer more in case it launches a trade war with China, as it will lose its access to low-priced goods manufactured in China, which will hit American consumers, according to the chairman of China’s largest beverage maker, Hangzhou Wahaha Group.

China and the Philippines have recently reconvened their trade panel to foster their economic ties.
China-PH Trade Panel Reconvened After Five-Year Hiatus

China and the Philippines have recently reconvened their trade panel, the Joint Commission on Economic and Trade Cooperation, to deepen their economic and trade relations. The meeting was held in Manila and was attended by China's commerce chief Zhong Shan and Philippine counterpart Ramon Lopez.

Beijing is the billionaire capital of the world.
Hurun Global Rich List: Billionaire Capital Beijing Keeps Top Spot for 2017

For two years in a row, billionaire capital Beijing keeps top spot in Hurun Global Rich List.

Chinese Smartphone Oppo
China’s Smartphone Makers Aim to Extend Global Reach to Rival Apple, Samsung

Chinese smartphone makers are extending their market reach with the aim to expand globally and challenge other players such as Apple and Samsung.

Lotte Stores in China
Lotte Denies Chairman Belittled Chinese, Calls Report 'Irrational, Fabricated Rumors'

South Korean store chain Lotte Group called as “irrational, fabricated rumors” reports which circulated on Sina Weibo that its chairman Shin Dong-bin was interviewed by Global News Eye, a South Korean news portal.

China's Imports from Australia
Australia’s Economy Linked to China’s Growth Demand, Sustainability

The Australian economy has survived a record of straight quarters without a recession. In 2016, its economy grew by 1.1 percent in the fourth quarter although it contracted by about 0.5 percent in the third quarter.

Bank of China
China Now World's Biggest Banking System, Unseats Eurozone

New analysis by the Financial Times, a leading business news and information organization, shows that China's banking system has already overtaken the eurozone to become the world's biggest in terms of assets. This reflects the country's increasing global influence as well as reliance on growth driven by debt.

Photo shows the GenesisCare National Office located at New South Wales, Australia.
Healthcare Group GenesisCare Pushes to Expand in China, Views Long Term

Dan Collins, the chief executive officer of GenesisCare, a cancer and cardiac healthcare group, sizes up the booming Chinese market and already has a plan for its business for the next 30 to 40 years

Investment in Malaysia Property Sector
7 Key Reasons Why Chinese Firms Invest in Malaysia Property Sector

Many Chinese investors are attracted to invest into Malaysia property sector mainly because of the good ties between the two countries and also as encouraged by China’s “One Belt One Road initiative,” according to Yong Ruobing, managing director of MCC Overseas, a subsidiary of China Metallurgical Group Corporation.

Premier Li Keqiang reported that the government has trimmed down its growth target this year to 6.5 percent.
China's Economy Slowing Down Later in 2017: ANZ's Chief Economist Yetsenga

ANZ's chief economist Richard Yetsenga predicted that China's economy will slow down later this year. His remark came after Premier Li Keqiang reported that the government has trimmed down its growth target this 2017 to 6.5 percent.

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