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Promoting family education is one of the causes supported by the All-China Women’s Federation.
China’s Small Coastal Areas Have Keen Interest in Embattled Car Market

Although overstocked car dealers in China have resorted to open letters of complaint, published in domestic media publications, the nation's auto market is not a closed book when the areas beyond the thriving metropolises are considered.

 A group of netizens call for China's media regulatory board's attention over CCTV's Spring Festival gala's
‘Discriminatory’ Issues Over the Spring Festival Gala Raises Need for Gender Equality Consultant

To give all-out entertainment without raising the brows of gender equality advocates, the production team of Spring Festival gala is urged to have a consultant who will provide comments on perceivable discriminatory contents.

The Zac Brown Band.
‘Saturday Night Live’ Country Night: Late Night Comedy Show Set To Feature The Zac Brown Band!

"Saturday Night Live" has gone full-time country again! After Blake Shelton, SNL is scheduled to feature The Zac Brown Band.

Josh Gad And Zooey Deschanel.
Josh Gad Surprised TV Viewers: ‘Frozen’ Actor Made A Surprising Appearance In ‘New Girl’

Olaf from 'Frozen,' Josh Gad, surprised viewers as he took his musical talents to TV.

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Sub-national level of exchanges are seen as vital platforms in boosting Sino-Indian ties.
A Way to Fortify Sino-Indian Economic Ties: Boost Province-State Exchanges

Sino-Indian diplomatic ties do not only significantly rely on national-level exchanges anymore. In recent years, both Chinese and Indian authorities have seen the vital role played by province-state linkages in fortifying the countries’ relations.

Taylor Swift And Kim Kardashian
Brit Awards 2015: Kim Kardashian Visibly Without A Bra In A Jumpsuit; Kim Danced With Taylor Swift As Kanye Sang!

As West performed, the audience was taken aback in surprise when Kardashian danced with fellow star, Taylor Swift. The trio's gig ignited the rumors of a Swift-West work tandem coming up soon.

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson And River Rose: Surprising Reason Why The Idol Winner Came Up With This Name For Her First Child!

Kelly Clarkson finally revealed the reason why she and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, named their daughter River Rose.

Nie Chenxi has been appointed president of China Central Television, whose headquarters are seen here.
Shameful Discrimination, or Something to Do for 25 Chinese Nationals?

The Foreign Policy's Yiqin Fu might be pleased that the Web editor emerged with an equally damning assessment of China Central Television's (CCTV) Spring Festival Gala event, asking the Chinese people to reassess its claim to being civilized and calling upon the authorities to engage in a period of "soul-searching."

Rumer Willis
‘Dancing With The Stars’ Casts Rummer Willis; Demi Moore's Daughter Teams Up With Val Chmerkovskiy For Season 20

The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore is one of the new "Dancing With The Stars" contestant.

Experts say digital products for children have weaker online security.
Using Real Names in Cyberspace Is Not Tyranny and Just One Part of the Picture

In accordance with previous announcements, Beijing's Cyberspace Administration of China will implement the real-name regulation for all users of online information-exchange services, including micro-blogs, instant messaging services and online forums, from March 1 onward.

Nobel Prize winner and managing director of Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus.
Grameen Bank’s Microfinance Makes Sense to China’s Rural Population

If you paid attention to Chinese President Xi Jinping during his first domestic inspection tour of 2015, you would already know that the impoverished rural communities of China are in urgent need of attention.

Chanel will cut prices on some of its popular handbag brands in China.
China’s Luxury Tax Issue Is Not Going to Resolve Itself

Even though the attention span of the Internet generation is reportedly less than that of those who grew up in the golden age of television, it is critical that readers of Sunday's op-ed proceed to the second page of the article to identify that the author is a postdoctoral fellow at China's Research Institute for Fiscal Science, based at the Ministry of Finance.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi before addressing the 69th United Nations General Assembly in 2014.
China Is Interested in a Pro-United Nations, ‘Win-Win’ 21st Century

While political analysts and vocal contributors to prominent publications have started the week with a large question mark over Beijing and its intentions for the future, a Monday session at the U.N. Security Council clarified any doubt that might have hung in the air.

Easter Sunday mass in China
Is There a War Against Christianity in China?

After the Communist leadership of China's coastal Zhejiang Province fueled the ever-contentious matter of religious freedom in early February through its religious crackdown, the pressure on Beijing intensified on yet another front.

A boy yawns while awaiting Hilary Clinton's arrival in Beijing.
Dear John: What Is a Search Engine? How Do I Use the Internet?

While the barely identifiable "E.L.," whose Dear John letter was published in the New York Post on Sunday, manages a respectful tone that is consistent with the placid sheep year that it was published in, one cannot help but wonder about its authenticity.

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