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China's Air Pollution Problem
UH Researcher Receives $52,000 Grant to Study China’s Air Pollution

Toys 'R' Us to Open More Stores in China

The Dalai Lama is labeled by China as a
CPC Officials Discovered Donating Funds to Dalai Lama

China-U.S.-North Korea Diplomacy
China Calls for Mended US-North Korea Ties to Resolve Nuclear Crisis

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Nepal Banking Industry
NRB Official: Nepal Welcomes Chinese Banks Regardless of Size

Nepal Quake 2015
CFPA Began Reconstructing a School Damaged by Nepal Quake

Yili - China's Top Dairy Company
China’s Top Dairy Yili Fails to Get Regulatory Approval, Drops Shengmu Investment

China-Pakistan Trade Relations
Chinese Envoy: Pakistan-Made Goods Are Not What China Needs

Continental Tires
E-Commerce Consumers Can Now Buy Continental Tires from

Pacific Oysters
Oysters in Beach Make Denmark a Paradise for Chinese Food Lovers

Shanghai Tower Observatory
Shanghai Tower Observatory Finally Opens; Public to Enjoy Panoramic View

Alibaba's CEO Jack Ma
Alibaba Selects Brazil as Priority Market, Targets Financial and Credit Sector

Muslim Baby
China’s Xinjiang Prohibits ‘Religious’ Baby Names

China-South Africa Relations
New People-to-People Exchange Mechanism to Deepen China-South Africa Relations

Air China Flights
Air China Re-Opens Flights to North Korea After a Brief Suspension

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