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Bike-Sharing in China
Bike-Sharing Promotes Healthy Urban Development

Nepal-China Joint Military Exercises
First Nepal-China Military Drills Begin; India to Observe Closely

Russian President Vladimir Putin Meets Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli
Russian President Vladimir Putin Will Attend Belt and Road Forum

Fast Retailing Chairman and CEO Tadashi Yanai Attends an Earnings News Conference
Fast Retailing, Owner of Uniqlo, Continues to Expand in China, Southeast Asia

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Xinhua Net
Xinhua-Alibaba Partnership to Transform Xinhua Net

Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ)
Foreigners in Shanghai Can Now Get Green Cards by Submitting a Letter

Dog and Cat Meat Banned in Taiwan
Taiwan’s Dog and Cat Meat Law Went Viral, Gained Mixed Reactions

Taiwan Tech Companies' Revenues Decreased
Chinese Economy Negatively Affects Taiwan Tech Sales

Shanghai Pollution
Chinese Authorities Condemn Shanghai Pollution

Mexico-China Air Link
Mexico Hopes to Boost Tourism with New Mexico-China Air Link

China's Chief Climate Negotiator Xie Zhenhua
BASIC Countries Create 'Important Contributions' to Paris Agreement

U.S. Beef Exports
Expansion of US Beef Exports to China a 'Big Prize,' Spicer Says

China-Palestine Relations
China Advocates Palestinian State, Pushes to Do More in Middle East Peace Process

Russia on Syrian Crisis
China Advised US, Russia to Avoid Conflict on Crisis in Syria

Dalai Lama leaving Tawang after a four-day visit.
China-India Relations Damaged as India 'Breached' Its Commitment on Tibet Issue

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