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Russian President Vladimir Putin Meets Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli
Russian President Vladimir Putin Will Attend Belt and Road Forum

President Donald Trump wants to isolate the U.S.
WW3 Already Raging and No Thanks to Donald Trump Russia Will Emerge the Victor?

President Donald Trump
Mikhail Gorbachev Warns of Imminent WW3 as Doomsday Clock Nears 12 Midnight: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin to Blame?

Trump-Kim Jong-un Kiss
Donald Trump & Kim Jong-un Impersonators Kiss in Hong Kong

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Russian President Vladimir Putin criticised by protestors for military operations in Syria.
World War 3 News: Putin Eyes Baltic States as US President-Elect Donald Trump snubbed support to NATO allies; World War 3 Predicted to Start in Latvia?

Donald Trump calling Putin.
WW3 News: Donald Trump or Any Other Antichrist Will Not Start Nuclear War – Road to Apocalypse Begins in Cyberspace

Donald Trump calling Putin.
WW3 News: Nostradamus’ Prediction of Donald Trump-Instigated Apocalyptic Global Conflict Happening Soon as 3rd Anti-Christ Seen to Wage War in Baltic Region?

Face of War
WW3 News: Russia’s New ‘Satan 2’ ICBMs Terrifying but U.S. Can Surely Neutralize WMDs – Here’s How

Face of War
WW3 News: 5 Solid Indicators of Russia’s Active Preparation for Thermonuclear War with America

Face of War
WW3 News: Will U.S.-Russia Nuclear Showdown Start in Cyberspace?

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin sit side by side during the G20 Summit.
Chinese-Russian Economic Relations Weaken Despite Putin’s Optimism

Tragic Russian Family
Were Pretty Russian MP & Husband Having Sex When Car Blew Up In Novosibirsk?

Kogalmavia Flight KGL9268
No Survivors In Russian Plane Crash, Islamic State Claims Downing Jet But Egypt Suggests Technical Fault

The investment aims to improve the next generation of Yota phones and expand their market.
Hong Kong Investment Firm Acquires Shares of Russian Smartphone Maker Yota Devices

The ISIS militant known as Jihadi John has been unmasked.
Russian President To Send Troops To Syria To Capture Jihadi John?

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