• ‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 34 preview trailer, spoilers: ‘Piccolo vs. Frost — Bet Everything on the Makankōsappō!’ [VIDEO]

‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 34 preview trailer, spoilers: ‘Piccolo vs. Frost — Bet Everything on the Makankōsappō!’ [VIDEO] (Photo : YouTube/Dragon Ball World Information)

The Universe 6 Freeza or Frost will face Piccolo on the new episode of "Dragon Ball Super." The preview trailer of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 34 has been released and it shows Piccolo going up against Frost.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" episodes. Read only if you wish to know more about the instalments.

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"Dragon Ball Super" episode 34 - preview trailer

This episode is titled "Piccolo vs. Frost - Bet Everything on the Makankōsappō!"

The preview trailer begins with Frost landing a kick on Piccolo's chest and he is thrown off. Kabba is seen praising his team member. But, later Piccolo is seen in the multi-form Makankōsappō which will make things quite interesting.

Piccolo has never been seen in this form and towards the end of the preview trailer he transforms into the multi-form Makankōsappō and Frost is astonished.

The "Dragon Ball Super" anime has already surpassed the manga in episode 33.

"Dragon Ball Super" chapter 9 ended on a cliffhanger with Frost and Goku looking at each other as the former has transformed into a form that Goku remembered.

"Dragon Balls Super" episode 33 recap

The first fight officially started between Universe 6 and Universe 7 in episode 33 of the anime. Botamo attacked Goku with belly flops, but Goku was able to dodge them easily. At one point, Goku almost fell out of the ring and eliminated after Botamo got him off guard near the ledge.

Goku was seen stretching and getting ready for the fight. He was seen in his base form while fighting Botamo, just like in the "Dragon Ball Super" manga.

Botamo launched mouth blasts at Goku but he was able to dodge them. Now, it was time for Goku to launch a Kamehameha, but Botamo ate his Kamehameha with no damage whatsoever.

Later, Goku figured out a different way to defeat Botamo. He dragged him using his legs and toppled him outside the ring. Botamo was eliminated and Goku won.

Next up was Goku vs. Frost. Goku called him the Freeza of Universe 6. And Frost was super fast compared to Botamo. Goku asked Frost to transform and Frost transformed into his third form.

Goku, still in base form, launched Ki blasts at Frost and he was not damaged. Later, Goku launched a blue Kamehameha, but Frost went through the Kamehameha and attacked Goku.

The episode went into the flashback mode and Frost is depicted as the hero of Universe 6.

Towards the end of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 33, Goku transformed into golden SSJ form to fight Frost.

Golden form Goku was stronger than Frost as they kept fighting. But, something strange happened, Goku froze in the middle of the fight and Frost kicked him out of the ring. Goku was shocked. What happened here was shocking and we don't know yet how Goku froze?

"Dragon Ball Super" episodes air Sundays on Fuji TV.

Watch "Dragon Ball Super" episode 34 preview trailer.

Credit: YouTube/Dragon Ball World Information