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Beijing Raises Fares On Public Transport
Video Of Subway Brawl in China Involving Foreigner Becomes Viral

Fishing Folk Custom Tourism Festival Held In Wenzhou
Doctors Find Eel inside Guangzhou Man’s Stomach The Patient Inserted Via Anus To Cure Constipation

Natural History Museum Launch The Vault
Urumqi Man Proposes Marriage to Girlfriend with a 33-Ton Meteorite

Ma Li
China Viral News: ‘Goodbye Mr. Loser’ Actress Ma Li Posts Sexual Harassment Experience in Shenzhen Supermarket

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The new Ocean Skin commercial recently became one of the most talked about topics in Chinese social media.
New ‘Ocean Skin’ Ad Highlights Chinese Social Media Users’ Love Affair with Viral Thai Ads

Adopted Golden Retriever Refuses to Sleep at Night for Fear of Being Given Away Again by Chinese Owner

With more amusement parks than the U.S., which only has around 400, China has a relatively poor safety record for rides.
Killer Rides: China’s Booming Amusement Park Industry Reopens Can of Worms on Safety Issues

Assisted reproduction is expected to grow in popularity in China due to the two-child policy, which now allows couples to have a second child.
Chinese Woman Gives Birth to Baby No. 2 via Frozen Embryo

Over 100 cases of bird flu have been reported in China since late last year.
H7N9 Bird Flu Update: Cities in Hunan Province Latest to Suspend Live Poultry Trade

A 13-year-old girl died after she was thrown from a spinning ride in a Chongqing amusement park.
Amusement Park Tragedy: 13-Year-Old Girl Thrown Off to Death on Fast Ride

A little boy gives a female kid a hug outside a cake shop in Wanxincun in Hedong District, Tianjin, in Aug. 1999. The grown-up girl now wants to know his identity.
Catching Up on Nearly 2-Decade-Old Sweet Memory: Girl Seeks Mystery Boy

Visitors at the Shanghai Zoo pelted crocodiles with coins, generating negative reactions from people.
Shanghai Zoo Crocodile Den Turned into Wishing Well, Visitors Bombard Reptiles with Coins

Security: No queue jumping!
Comic Signs at University Cafeteria Go Viral

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