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The Chinese people felt elated and overwhelmed with the success of the V-Day military parade.
‘The Most Beautiful Family’ Representative Overwhelmed at China’s Grandest Military Parade

The PLA Combined Band helped stir the crowd's emotions with their patriotic performances.
1,000 Musicians Honored to Be Part of V-J Day Parade

Commemorative coins for the 70th V-J Day anniversary were released by the People's Bank of China.
V-J Day Anniversary Commemorative Coins: A Token to Remember China’s History

China has pulled off a momentous V-J Day parade on Sept. 3 at the iconic Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
With Awe and Admiration, Chinese Viewers Laud V-J Day Parade

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There has reportedly been a foiled plot to disrupt the Sept. 3 military parade with
Suspects Arrested for 'Pigeon Bomb' Plot on Military Parade

On Sept. 3, the streets, buildings and houses in Beijing will be decorated with the Chinese national flag.
Beijing Requires Display of National Flag on 70th WWII Anniversary

Former model Men Jiahui will participate as a female honor guard on the Sept. 3 V-day parade.
Female Honor Guard Earns Attention Prior to V-Day Parade

Soldiers from Pakistan take part in a training at a training base in Beijing, China, Aug. 28, 2015.
Three Days to Go: Foreign Troops from 17 Countries Train for V-Day Parade in Beijing

Veterans' descendants were made to march in the Sept. 3 military parade in uniform.
Soldiers Prepare for V-Day Parade, Aim to Meet High Performance Standards

Huang posits that the parade is a warning to Washington not to interfere with regional disputes.
Upcoming Military Parade a Warning to the U.S.

China is at the height of preparing for the upcoming V-Day military parade on Sept. 3.
V-Day Parade: China’s Chance to Advance Societal Solidarity

A parterre with the Great Wall pattern at the Tian'anmen Square in Beijing, capital of China.
Preparing for V-Day: Parterres with Great Wall Pattern Displayed at Tian'anmen Square

Veterans' descendants were made to march in the Sept. 3 military parade in uniform.
12,000 Troops Set to March in Beijing for WWII V-Day Anniversary on Sept. 3

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