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Apple Watch (Photo : Apple)

Apple's CEO Tim Cook believes sitting is the new cancer. Fortunately, his Apple Watch taps him in the wrist every hour to remind him to stand up and move.

Cook spoke during the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference on Feb. 10, Tuesday. During an on-stage interview at the conference, he highlighted the health benefits of the company's upcoming smart watch.

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Cook said that if he sits for too long, his Apple Watch actually reminds him to get up and move, The Guardian reported. It does this by tapping him on the wrist 10 minutes before the hour.

The CEO revealed many Apple employees are also using the Apple Watch, which results in many people suddenly getting up and moving at about every hour even during meetings. "It took a little to get used to, but it's great," he said.

Apple is aiming high for the Apple Watch. Cook said during the same event that the company's aim for the smart watch is for it to change people's lives.

In addition, a report from ReCode suggests the Apple Watch could become as essential as the iPhone. One way it can achieve this goal is through a wide array of personalized apps.

The head of Apple also touched on Apple Pay and the company's presence in China. Apple Pay has recently been introduced to select flights of JetBlue, the first airline to offer the service.

As for China, Cook did not believe in doing something different in the region to compete as some had advised. For him, consumers want quality and that there's a big market for Apple's products even if not everyone can afford to buy them.

Also, Cook revealed the company's plans to build a solar farm in Monterey, Calif. The solar farm will power Apple's offices and retail stores in the state.