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Pedestrians walk in front of the People's Bank of China headquarters in Beijing.
China’s 7 Liquidity Tools Causing Volatility, Uncertainty in Money Markets

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is using seven liquidity tools, aside from benchmark rates, to tackle various monetary and economic challenges, which analysts said is causing volatility and uncertainty in the markets.

Iron ore from Australia is unloaded at Rizhao Port, one of China's biggest ports for importing the commodity in Shandong Province.
Iron Ore Prices Likely to Strengthen as China Shifts to Better, Less-Polluting Imported Ore: Exporter

The prices of iron ore are not expected to drop despite a predicted price collapse as demand is likely to surge with China’s shift to better quality raw materials, according to Rio Tinto Group, the world’s second-largest exporter of iron ore.

Seafood dishes are staples during Chinese New Year festivities.
Seafood E-commerce Firm Gfresh Is on Lookout for Bigger Suppliers

Gfresh, a fast-rising seafood e-commerce firm, is eyeing to secure products from bigger suppliers. This comes as the company continues to see rapid growth on the heels of getting investments and obtaining impressive sales performance during the Chinese New Year.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) by foreign companies in China have featured such a pattern of changing from one slow-growing industry to an unfamiliar one that nonetheless promises rapid growth.
From Food to Cloud Computing? Chinese Companies Change Sectors to Escape Slow Growth

Imagine a restaurant chain suddenly jumping ship to cloud computing technologies, or a fireworks manufacturer venturing into peer-to-peer lending. Those scenarios may come off as bizarre from the onset, but such has become a trend among Chinese companies veering towards rapid growth.

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A couple kiss as they walk around a shopping mall on Valentine's Day in Beijing.
Getting a Decent Present from Online Retailers Now a Norm This Valentine's Day

Getting a decent present online for Valentine's Day has become a new norm to celebrate the annual event.

A couple write on a heart-shaped sticker at a shopping mall on Valentine's Day in Beijing.
Chinese Couples Prefer Expensive, High-End Hotels on Valentine's Day

High-end hotels recorded a surge when it comes to the sales of their rooms as Valentine's Day approaches. Chinese couples prefer to spend more this Valentine's Day, making the demand for budget hotels lower.

Investigators check the damaged steel casting workshop owned by state-run Angang Heavy Machinery in the city of Anshan in Liaoning Province.
China’s Zombie Province Reveals Flaws in Country’s Bond Market

Liaoning Province, once an industrial hub fought over by Russia and Japan, is now a place with zombie companies, mired in recession and debt.

The SAT’s new regulation stands in line with China’s current goal to reduce capital outflows, having been cited as the cause of the yuan’s instability in recent times.
China Implements Stricter Regulations on Nationals’ Foreign Accounts

As part of China’s bid to counter excessive capital outflows, the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) said that it will implement the localized Common Reporting System (CRS) to regulate foreign accounts of Chinese citizens across 101 countries.

Once upon a time, Chinese billionaire Jack Ma dreamed of a China with better healthcare facilities, cheaper medicine, and a generally healthy populace.
China’s Digital Health Sector Stunted by Investment Decline

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the startups and bigger corporations that form China’s digital health sector are struggling to earn a decent profit from their ventures.

The lobby of WeWork branch in Shanghai, east China.
Co-working Space Operator WeWork Expanding in China

WeWork will open several locations in China including Yunan Lu, East Ocean Center and Huaihai Zhong Lu in Shanghai and Guanghua Lu in Beijing.

Many are fooled by fraudulent P2P Ponzi schemes in China because of the promise of big incomes.
P2P Manager Disappears with $145 Million in Tow, Funds Frozen

Another peer-to-peer manager has disappeared and funds are now inaccessible to investors.

Once upon a time, Chinese billionaire Jack Ma dreamed of a China with better healthcare facilities, cheaper medicine, and a generally healthy populace.
Alibaba's Anti-Piracy Fight Is Challenged as It Finds Fake Complaints on Intellectual Property Protection Platform

Alibaba finds that companies are making false complaints about "fake products" on its online platforms, and it is making its anti-piracy fight a bit trickier.

A man walks out of a shop displaying a bitcoin sign during the opening ceremony of the first bitcoin retail shop in Hong Kong.
People's Bank of China Warns Bitcoin Exchanges Against Money Laundering, Margin Trading

In a further step to tighten regulation over the digital currency, China's central bank has warned the country's Bitcoin exchanges against money laundering and margin trading.

Intel Corp. CEO Brian Krzanich (L) looks on as Gabe Newell, co-founder of video game developer and distributor Valve, speaks during the 2014 International CES on Jan. 6, 2014.
Video game developer Valve reacts to US travel ban; 'The International' to move overseas

The recent embargo affects both Valve's employees as well as the people who play their games professionally.

A customer checks the latest currency exchange rates at a bank in Shanghai.
China Lost $1 Trillion--How It Happened

The People’s Bank of China announced on Tuesday, Feb. 7, that the country’s foreign exchange reserves dropped by $2.998 trillion in January, which put the reserves below the symbolic $3 trillion threshold, the New York Times reported.

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