Sunday, 21st, 2018 | 2:33AM Updated

SpotMini Robot Dog
Boston Dynamics’ new robot dog loads dishwasher, fetches soda cans

Sony PSVR Headset
Facebook, Sony, and Samsung are top VR stock picks: Report

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg’s covering of laptop camera, mic helps prevent hack attacks: Experts

Google 2-Step Authentication
Google streamlines two-step verification on Android, iOS devices for Gmail sign-in

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Samsung Gear 2
Samsung to use Tizen OS for Gear 3 smartwatch, pivots away from Android Wear

BMW i3
BMW is converting used i3 batteries into energy storage units for green homes

Sphero SPRK Robot
Sphero’s new rolling robot with Bluetooth, app upgrades teaches kids to code

Google's 5G Internet Drone
Super-fast Internet: World’s first 5G wireless networks should be launched by US: FCC

Hyperkin's Smart Boy
Android phones morph into Game Boy handheld with new smartphone case

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S has floatation ability like boat: Elon Musk

Amazon UHD Set-Top Box
US cable industry’s proposal lets consumers ditch set-top boxes as alternative to FCC’s ‘unlocking’ plan

Tesla Model S
Tesla asks Model 3 customers to contemplate buying Model S instead

Razer HDK 2 VR Headset
Razer’s new $399 VR headset to challenge high-end Vive, Rift

Facebook Messenger Football Game
Facebook Messenger: IM app’s hidden soccer game coincides with global football craze

Unicode 9 Proposed Emoji
Apple, Microsoft initiated talks to pull rifle emoji from Unicode standard: Report

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