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Jake Giacopelli of the Long Island Gulls hockey team sleeps in a bed during a road trip
Effective sleeping solutions to fall asleep faster

If you have trouble sleeping, you are not the only one. Almost half of the American adults who are 60 years and above are actually suffering from insomnia.

Beijing park life offers a respite from urban growth.
Unmarried People in China on the Rise; 'Single Boom' to Hit China, Experts Say

There is a growing number of single people in China, especially in highly urbanized areas.

A salad of grapefruit and avocado with pickled ginger and ginger vinaigrette, the second course at Elizabeth's Gone Raw during the weekly five course prix fixe raw dinner on May 20, 2011 in Washington, DC.
Amazing ways to lose weight without diet or exercise

After over indulging yourself to food in December, it is no surprise that one of the most common New Year's resolution is to lose weight.

The Singapore River Festival
Taiwanese Politician’s Funeral Includes 50 Pole Dancing Strippers

While China’s Ministry of Culture has banned the hiring of female strippers during funerals, in Taiwan, the practice continues. On Tuesday, Jan. 3, the funeral procession for Taiwanese politician Tung Hsiang included 50 strippers pole dancing on top of vehicles.

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Two smartphones are presented in contrasting positions to showcase their external features.
Nokia phones 2017 specs, price point, release date: Nokia 150, Edge, D1C reviving legacy; Retro features added

Nokia phones specs, price, and release date continues to excite the curiosity of consumers worldwide. With its highly anticipated line-up, including Nokia Edge, Nokia D1C, and the Nokia 150, the company is hoping for a major comeback.

A candle has been lighted and placed right above the ear as part of the alternative earwax removal procedure, known as ear candling.
Earwax removal safety recommendations for 2017; Ear candles discredited by experts

Various earwax removal methods are being adapted by individuals to address earwax build-up. However, this New Year, ear experts updated some of the guidelines concerning earwax build-up and ear care to help avoid infections and severe ear damage.

The science of hearing loss
Low levels of iron linked to hearing loss, a new study finds

People with low levels of iron in their blood usually have a condition called iron deficiency anemia. This condition can have several effects in the body and a new study suggests that loss of hearing is one of them.

An implantable device is compared with a matchstick for the size difference.
HIV prevention has become much easier & smaller; Controlled drug release technology highly supported

HIV/AIDS cure and prevention continues to be a tricky undertaking for medical experts worldwide. That is why medical and pharmaceutical companies continues to innovate their products, such as implantable devices, to address the concern.

An individual is starting to write her New Year's resolution for 2017 on her notebook.
Scientific way of keeping your New Year's resolution this 2017

As temporary as it may seem to some individuals, a New Year's resolution is essential in improving one's attitude. Although it may sound difficult or momentary, there are things that may be done to fully achieve your resolutions this year.

Thousands of locals residents gather for the New Year's Eve concert during New Year's Eve celebrations in Zakopane, Poland, December 31, 2016.
One Occasion, Diverse People: Glimpses of New Year Welcome in Different Parts of the World

Everyone in every country celebrates the coming of a new year, yet there can be many different ways to welcome this occasion. Here are the ways some countries greeted 2017.

An HIV Prevention Specialist solicits people on the street to take a free HIV test.
HIV, AIDS cure updates: Russia intensifying campaign to control epidemic; Federal registration equals medication

HIV and AIDS cure continues to be the top priority of the every country in the world. Thus, powerful countries like Russia continues to intensify their efforts to mitigate the occurrences of HIV/AIDS in their territory by increasing their medication campaign.

Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros exercising in his gym at home in Pedrena, Spain
Weight loss advice you need to heed this new year

It is January once again and it means that it is about time to make and fulfill New Year's resolutions.With all the holiday weight you might have gained from all of the parties than you can remember, losing weight might be part of your list.

Actress Kristen Bell poses on the red carpet at the Geffen Playhouse's Annual Backstage at the Geffen Gala on March 22, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.
Here’s how to nail the no make-up make-up look

There are really some days when you just want your makeup to look natural and not too done so that it looks like you are not wearing anything at all. While going bare-faced is something you do not really have in mind, there are techniques and tricks you can follow to make the most of your natural beauty without having to wear a ton of makeup.

An implantable device is compared with a matchstick for the size difference.
HIV cure, prevention updates: Implantable technology gets $140M boost from Bill Gates

HIV and AIDS cure is considerably important in fighting the disease. However, prevention of the infection is as equally important as reflected by its latest technology and additional fundings.

Travellers are seen disembarking from the Air Asia Boeing 737-300 flight from Bangkok to Phuket on February 25, 2004 in Phuket, Thailand.
Cheapest flights: 10 best low-cost airlines on Earth

Choosing airlines is not just about how cheap the fare is or how great the service is despite the dent it puts on your pocket, rather, it is a combination of affordability and excellent amenities. Here are the 10 best low-cost airlines in the world.

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