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Travellers are seen disembarking from the Air Asia Boeing 737-300 flight from Bangkok to Phuket on February 25, 2004 in Phuket, Thailand.
Cheapest flights: 10 best low-cost airlines on Earth

Choosing airlines is not just about how cheap the fare is or how great the service is despite the dent it puts on your pocket, rather, it is a combination of affordability and excellent amenities. Here are the 10 best low-cost airlines in the world.

2017 predictions based on numerology
2017 could be another bad year for all of us - Numerology

2017 could be another tumultuous year for all of us, according to numerology as 2017 signifies the universal number 1 in the cycle, which is a driven and divisive number.

A man is viewed sprawled on the ground in an area which has witnessed an explosion in the use of K2 or 'Spice', a synthetic marijuana drug, in East Harlem on September 16, 2015 in New York City.
Marijuana Legalization Update: Cannabis Cigarettes up for sale; Recreational use euphuism for abuse

Marijuana legalization has been a highly sensitive topic in the United States. However, despite the ongoing debates, it has been rumored that a certain cigarette company will soon start selling marijuana cigarettes.

A nurse prepares to collect blood from a donor during a volunteer blood donation campaign to mark World AIDS Day.
HIV cure, prevention updates: Injectable drug being developed; First human trials in progress

HIV cure and prevention has been in the one of the highly funded campaign by the world organizations to stop the proliferation of AIDS. Recent HIV/ AIDS updates revealed that a first human trials of injectable drug to prevent HIV is already underway.

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Rubi Ibarra Garcia (C) posed for a photo beside her father, Cresencio (L) and mother Anaelda  Ibarra(R).
Viral: Why Mexican girl's Quinceañeras attracted unexpected guests, gifts, Gael Garcia Bernal

A Mexican birthday party of a girl, who celebrated her Quinceañeras or 15th birthday on Dec. 26, Monday, had gone viral. An unexpected invitation of the girl's father that reached more than a million of people across Mexico and the United States resulted in one fatality and one person injured.

Guzzling sodas and other sweetened beverages add to health woes.
Dan Zigmond's Buddha Diet: How intermittent fasting helps people lose weight, remain healthy during holiday season

While the holiday season can undoubtedly lead to excess kilos, author and Zen priest Dan Zigmond says his Buddha Diet method of intermittent fasting can help people remain healthy during this period.

Michael Khatchadourina, 7, tries to open his piggy bank as he and his sister Krysta, 9, make a donation for victims of Hurricane Katrina at a daylong disaster relief collection event.
4 tips on how to teach kids how to manage money

A lot of people finish college wishing they were taught more about money. That is because a lot of people still have no idea how to manage their money or balance their bank account.

Awoman weighs herself at G W Allan chemists, where the Alli slimming pill is stocked on April 23, 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Make dieting easier with these 5 easy steps

Dieting is not easy, especially now that the holidays are almost over and staying in shape was nearly impossible.But there is no need to fret because there are easy steps that can be done in order to shed off some pounds gained over the festive season.

Chinese astronauts Fei Junlong (L) and Nie Haisheng wave before boarding the Shenzhou VI spacecraft at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on October 12, 2005 in Jiuquan of Gansu Province, northwest China
China's plan to probe Moon in 2018, Mars in 2020 revealed

China aims to conquer space with its planned space mission to the far side of the Moon and to explore Mars afterwards. This courageous feat is a testament of the Red Dragon's pursuit of their dream.

Michael Brown poses for a photo with his new family and the judge that finalised his adoption last Dec. 20.
Viral photos feature 3-year-old Arizona boy's adoption before Christmas

A 3-year old boy from Arizona has found a new home just in time for the holiday season.

The American Heart Association and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Indiana unveil hands-only CPR Training Kiosk at Indianapolis International Airport.
Cardiac-related deaths, illnesses spike up during Christmas season: Study

While Santa Claus may be the symbolic mascot of Christmas and the holiday season, a study has found that people have a higher chance of meeting the Grim Reaper due to cardiac-related problems in the same period.

Dinosaurs in the wild are believed to have lost their teeth as it matured.
Dinosaurs to birds evolution bridged by missing teeth

Recent discovery revealed that a certain type of dinosaur closely linked to modern birds and that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex first lived with chompers but later on grew up losing their teeth. This recent discover somehow sheds more light on the reason why present birds have beaks rather than teeth.

Confetti falls as people celebrate New Year's eve in Times Square in New York City just after midnight on January 01, 2017.
Ways to survive the holiday hangover

Now that the holidays is in full swing, the celebrations can leave us with a hangover that just makes us want to just stay in bed. Don't allow the holiday stress take the better of you as Phil Mundy shares some home remedies to make this season a fun, yet a healthy one.

President-elect Donald Trump speaks at the DeltaPlex Arena, Dec. 9, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Nostradamus Predictions 2017: CIA sponsored Donald Trump assassination to complete prophecy; Trump next JFK

Nostradamus predictions for 2017 bespeaks of a potential next John F. Kennedy scenario, while assassination plot against the U.S. president elect Donald Trump continues to proliferate online. Reports indicate that the CIA might have something to do with the rumored assassination and the fulfillment of a Nostradamus prophecy.

Volunteers train during a community camp at the new Mamohato Children's Centre on October 17, 2015 in Maseru, Lesotho.
5 holiday volunteering tips: Help and spread the love

The Christmas season is the time of the year when many people give back to their respective local communities.

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